Ways in which a dental SEO agency can help you with local link building

In the last few years, it has become increasingly obvious that no business can succeed without a digital presence. Sure, you might notice that some businesses continue to follow conventional marketing methods but it is also evident that they aren’t thriving. After all, when the majority of the population is flocking to the internet to search for the nearest store or doctor, or dentist, it makes sense that businesses with zero digital presence are falling behind. In the past, dentists could make do with word-of-mouth marketing, but it simply wouldn’t work in the digital era. This is precisely why dentists must invest in digital marketing for dentists.

Tips to help dentists with local link building

If someone wants to evaluate where your website stands with regard to ranking on a particular search engine, then they might ask for your Domain Authority (DA). This number tends to indicate trust. Thus, if you want your website to perform well, it is essential to show search engines that your website is trustworthy. One simple way to do this is to hire a dental SEO company. Since these companies are well-aware of how search engine algorithms work, they know exactly how to create content that can be deemed trustworthy. Another important goal that they work towards is improving your domain authority.

Domain authority can be improved by building high-quality backlinks with help of a Dental SEO Marketing company. Every single backlink that links to your website acts as a vote. However, it must be mentioned that these votes need to be high quality and relevant. A good backlink either comes from a well-established website or it should come from a website that is relevant to the field of dentistry. The following are some ways to receive quality backlinks approved by search engines like Google:


Citations refer to the mention of your practice’s NAP details on another website. Usually, citations include a link to your website but the mention of NAP details can truly increase the value of the link, especially for local searches. Hiring a company that offers dental SEO services can help you in acquiring such valuable backlinks.

Dental Associations

Another valuable link-building practice would be acquiring them from relevant dental associations. Sometimes, you may have to pay to get listed but even a single link from an association is great for boosting your SEO ranking. You might already know about some of the local associations in your area, but it is advisable to research their online presence before making a payment. Enlisting the help of a Dental SEO Agency to find the right association would be advantageous.


You can either make capital donations or offer your time to local charity events. You can even participate in dental hygiene drives being hosted by local communities. These are fantastic ways of acquiring backlinks while also giving back to the community.


Another valuable link that you acquire is a link from authoritative educational websites. These might be the websites of your state or local universities. Alumni associations often share information about events being organized or other news. You can submit your achievements by reaching out to your alumni association. You can also partner with a company that offers SEO services for dentists to ensure that you never miss out on an opportunity to acquire a valuable backlink.


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