microsoft will launch chatgpt 4 that can make ai video and images, next week

ChatGPT 4 is coming next week, Microsoft CTO says it will power video AI assistant

Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun said that the GPT-4 language module would be introduced sometime next week. The new language model will have “multimodal models” to offer completely different possibilities, like videos.

After all the rumours, it appears the successor of GPT-3, the language module that powers the viral AI chatbot ChatGPT, is coming next week. As reported by the German news site Heise, Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun said that the GPT-4 language module would be introduced sometime next week.

The new language model will have “multimodal models” to offer completely different possibilities, like videos, Bruan said, as quoted by the publication.

Braun reportedly hailed the Large Language Models (LLM) like GPT as a “game changer” as they allow devices to understand “natural language” and offer conversational replies.

Once GPT-4 is introduced, it might be used to improve ChatGPT and Microsoft services that use Bing AI.

Microsoft’s global team is yet to confirm the presentation of GPT-4 next week, though the company is scheduled for a virtual discussion about the “Future of Work Reinventing Productivity with AI” with CEO Satya Nadella on March 16.

The report points out that Microsoft Germany CTO Braun revealed GPT-4 development at an event covering “AI in focus” on March 9. The event was also attended by Microsoft Germany CEO Marianne Janik, who spoke about disruption through AI in companies.

Other participants include Clemens Sieber (Senior AI Specialist) and Holger Kenn (Chief Technologist of Business Development AI and Emerging Technologies) who spoke about GPT-4 use cases.

The report suggests that “multimodal AI,” like GPT-4, can go beyond translating text to images and create music and videos with simple inputs.

Senior AI Specialist at Microsoft, Clemens Siebler, also reportedly illustrated some use cases, such as improved speech-to-text telephone calls with AI. Some AI platforms, such as Otter.

ai, already convert speech-to-text, while live captions are available on some video conferencing apps. GPT-4 can take these technologies to the next level.

However, there’s a concern in the industry that sophisticated technologies like GPT 3-powered ChatGPT or GPT 3.5-powered Bing AI can pose a threat to the future of jobs.

The report states that Microsoft Germany CEO Marianne Janik addressed these concerns and said, “It is not about replacing jobs, but about doing repetitive tasks in a different way than before.

Janik also spoke about German work culture and said the country has “a lot of legacy” in its companies.

It is also possible that Microsoft might use the GPT-4 language module for its services, though the initial rollout could be limited to the German market. More details are expected next, especially at the

“The Future of Work Reinventing Productivity with AI” discussion by Satya Nadella on March 16 at 8:30 PM.

Meanwhile, Microsoft and Open AI (creator of ChatGPT and GPT-3 language module) have been working together to improve Microsoft services. Microsoft recently unveiled the latest version of Windows 11 and it is bringing Bing AI into the search on the taskbar.

Bing AI is built on Prometheus, a proprietary technology from Microsoft and Open AI. The AI chatbot is available to use on the Microsoft Edge browser and Bing app for Android and iOS.

The report said that GPT-4 is the next iteration of OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM), and it should be significantly more powerful than GPT-3.5, which powers the current version of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT and other GPT-3.5-powered technologies are currently limited to text-based responses.

However, Braun’s comments imply that this may change with the release of GPT-4.

The multimodal models of the LLM could pave the way for video production and other types of content, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the AI-powered Bing search engine has surpassed 100 million daily active users, as ChatGPT’s integration into Bing has helped the company grow its usage within a month like never before.

Its rival Google Search engine has more than 1 billion daily active users.

Roughly one-third of daily Bing preview users are using AI chat daily.


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