Fans say they love Mahira Khan but won’t buy her ‘expensive’ plain kurtas

Mahira Khan’s maiden collection may have been almost sold out but fans are still on the fence about the pricing. M By Mahira, a new venture by Khan, comprises outfits she swears by – minimal ivory ensembles. Her first collection, Razia, was inspired by her beloved Nani. The newly launched fashion brand recently unveiled two kurtas, a trouser, a dupatta and a silk tunic suit.

M By Mahira was launched on February 12 and fans rushed to check out the pieces on the website. However, many were shocked to see the prices of the items. The embroidered ivory dupatta was priced at Rs3500 and was the cheapest article from the line. Her silk tunic set (a shirt and a trouser) was priced at a whopping Rs24,950.

Many took to social media and shared their reservations about ‘expensive’ clothing line. While fans continued to express their admiration for the star, many commented how they could never afford her pieces. “Mahira Khan selling a plain white linen kurta for 13,000? And it’s already sold out? Why? How? Who?”

Another added, “Mahira jaan, I love you but these are ridiculously overpriced. You can get these from the market for Rs2000.”

Another added, “Mahira Khan selling plain silk co-ords for just 25,000 PKR! Suddenly, Zara Shahjahan seems better and cheaper.”

One tweep commented, “Amma saw M by Mahira Khan’s dresses and prices and then said ‘I can get shalwar kameez like these stitched from the tailer for Rs500’.”

Another jibed, “Once again asking this, am I getting Mahira in these prices too? because what on earth.”

Her debut collection, however, has been almost sold out.

About M By Mahira

According to the star, M By Mahira will comprise solid white outfits, something she’s very fond of. “If I had to wear one thing for the rest of my life, I would choose a white kurta shalwar,” Mahira said ahead of her clothing line launch.

The first collection, Razia, is an ode to her beloved Nani. “The scent of fresh Nargis by her bedside. A plethora of books filled her shelves and fed her soul. The sound of her bangles, sometimes gentle, always sweet,” an Instagram post shared. “For our first collection, Mahira Khan draws inspiration from her late Nani, Razia.”

Speaking about the same, the award-winning actor shared, “I was very close to my nani and was always deeply inspired by her timeless poise, grace and elegance.”

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