Extract Email Addresses from Outlook PST File with Authorized Method

Are you interested in finding out how to retrieve email addresses from Outlook? If you answered yes, your doubt has already been resolved. In this post, we will show you a simple method for extracting email addresses from PST files.

There are several reasons why you would want to remove email addresses from Outlook. Whatever your motive, this technique will ensure that you extract email addresses safely. Let’s first learn about Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is a messaging program that is used to send and receive messages. It is also used to manage many types of personal information, for example, schedule plans and comparing passages, errands, contacts, and notes. However, Microsoft Outlook is not free; you must purchase it or pay a membership fee if you intend to use it.

Here are various techniques for Extracting email addresses from Outlook data.

How Do We Get Email Addresses From Outlook Email?

If you don’t have the necessary tools, extracting email addresses from Outlook may be a very difficult task. In general, people are concerned about whether or not an item will require to run on their device. However, there is an expert arrangement known as the Outlook PST Extractor by Softaken, which is renowned for being exceptional in terms of extraction. The nice aspect is that you can utilize this tool regardless of the operating framework you use. Another impressive feature is that its simple user interface works for both specialist and non-specialized consumers. Having a variety of fantastic qualities and attributes. The utility has demonstrated its ability to extract connections in the most optimal ways.

Method for Automatically Extracting Email Addresses from Outlook File Folders

To finish the procedure, simply see down and perform each of the following methods with caution:

● To get started, download and install the Softaken Outlook PST Extractor program on your computer, then choose the highlighted option.

● If you only have one PST/OST file, click the Browse button.

○ Choose File Mode to add Outlook data files one at a time.

○ Folder Mode enables you to add several Outlook files from a folder at once.

● You must now choose the things from Outlook files that you want to extract. Select email address.

● Select whether to extract all or individual email addresses from the source drop down menu, such as to, cc, from, reply, to, and so on.

● You have the option of exporting the email address into a single file or creating several files for each Outlook PST/OST file.

● To define the output path, click the Browse option.

● Begin the process of migrating Outlook email accounts to your local system.

The Reasons for Using This Software

If you choose anything, you should see all of the benefits associated with something basically equivalent. We should get a taste of the main benefits of using this program.

Security: Consider information security while switching from one email association to another. If you’re operating a business and need to keep track of everything in your email, here is the place to be. You should select an instrument that will not jeopardize your security. This software is fantastic for gathering data and information.

Move Selectively: If you’re wondering how to extract links unambiguously, move selectively. At such a moment, this device will be useful to you.

Prompt and quick: Even if you are a client with limited knowledge of intricacies. This specialist program can aid you in successfully completing the affiliation.

The features of Softaken Outlook PST Extractor are excellent.

● The application is simple to use.

● Convert Outlook contacts to VCF.

● Calendars in ICS format may be accessed and saved.

● There are no size restrictions for extraction.

● All attachments should be saved to a PST file in Outlook.

● All emails and their components must be extracted.

● Separately save the created files.

● The user specifies the place for storing results.

● Excellent performance on all Outlook platforms.

● All Windows versions are supported.

● A free Outlook PST Extractor is available.

● Email addresses are easily obtained.

● The database preview is excellent.

● Remove any duplicates.

● Representatives from customer service are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Key Features of MS Outlook PST Extractor

On its own, the program-

PST Extractor does not require the assistance of any other program to function. It cannot function without a standalone software. Any extra app is not required.

Designed to fulfil your individual requirements

Outlook Email Extractor meets the demands of both personal and commercial users by archiving Outlook emails. You have unlimited freedom to do whatever you choose.

MS Outlook contacts may be saved to vCard

MS Outlook Extractor exports contacts from Microsoft Outlook for Windows to VCF format, which may be read on other platforms such as Blackberry and other smart phones.

It is simple to use

Outlook Email Extractor is a straightforward piece of software. The application’s graphical user interface is straightforward, with users only needing to perform a few basic actions to use the software.

Calendars in ICS can be kept

It saves calendar entries in the ICS format, which is widely supported by email and calendar systems like Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Calendars are retrieved safely from the Outlook PST file.

Collect all email data

PST Extraction can extract all email attributes such as CC, BCC, to, from, and Subject. It is intended to extract email attachments in a secure environment.

Delete any and all OST and PST files

The Outlook Extractor Tool extracted several components from the PST and OST files. To extract data from an OST/PST file, simply upload it.

There are file and folder modes available

There is no need to upload each OST or PST file one by one if you have a huge number of Outlook files to extract their data parts from. To separate items, use the Folder option to create a folder containing Outlook files all at once.

Examine the Outlook file items

When a user imports an OST/PST file from Outlook. A tree-view in the application’s left corner displays the whole file contents. Users have the ability to quickly mark and unmark anything as they see appropriate.

Final Words

This post will help individuals who are seeking a way to extract all email addresses from a PST file. We’ve gone over a robust and effective strategy for the same. As a consequence, Outlook users will no longer have to struggle to retrieve email addresses.


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